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Angela Rayner cleared by HMRC

Angela Rayner of the Labour Party has been exonerated by His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) following allegations of her failing to pay capital gains tax on the sale of her previous residence.

These allegations surfaced earlier this year, suggesting that when she sold her former council house in Stockport in 2015, her main residence was actually at her husband’s nearby location.

Rayner has consistently refuted these allegations.

Sky News has now reported that HMRC has verified that she has no outstanding capital gains tax from the sale and that no further action will be pursued against her, as initially reported by the Guardian newspaper.

This follows the Greater Manchester Police’s announcement that Rayner was found not guilty of the accusation that she had incorrectly registered her address on the electoral roll.

Initially, the force chose not to investigate the matter but launched an inquiry following a complaint from Tory MP James Daly, who brought to their attention claims from neighbours that contradicted the Labour MP’s assertions.

However, the force stated yesterday that after conducting “a thorough, carefully considered and proportionate investigation”, it had decided that “no further police action will be taken”.

The police also noted that information from the investigation had been shared with both Stockport Council and HMRC.

Shortly thereafter, the council announced that it would not be taking any further action on its part.

Rayner expressed her appreciation for the announcement and accused the Conservatives of resorting to “desperate tactics” against her.

“We have witnessed the Conservative Party resort to this strategy before – lodging police reports against political rivals during election campaigns to divert attention from their poor track record,” she stated.

“The public is fed up with these desperate tactics from a Tory government that has nothing else to offer after 14 years of failure.

“I am thankful to everyone who has stood by me and my family. My attention is now fully focused on bringing about the change Britain needs, with the election of a Labour government.”

A spokesperson for the Labour Party stated that the force’s conclusion “puts an end to the matter”.

They further added: “Angela has always maintained that she was not liable for capital gains tax on the sale of the home she owned prior to becoming an MP, that she was correctly registered to vote, and paid the appropriate council tax.

“She sought expert tax and legal advice which validates this.”

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