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Milan poised to ban ice cream, pizza and more after midnight

Milan is proposing a new law to ban ice cream after midnight in an effort to protect the “tranquillity” of residents.

For many, a late-night gelato is a part of Italian culture, but this is in danger under a new law being introduced in the city.

A legislative starting paper has been filed by the city’s local government, and if passed it could see late-night ice creams banned as soon as next month.

Covering 12 districts, the proposal would ban all takeaway food, including pizza, and drink after midnight in an effort to clamp down on noisy groups crowding on the streets of the Italian city, keeping local residents up.

Marco Granelli, deputy mayor, said: “The goal is to seek a balance between socialising and entertainment, and the peace and tranquillity of residents.”

The proposal would be effective from “mid-May” and last until November.

It would kick in at 12.30am on weekdays and 1.30am on weekends and public holidays, applying to outdoor tables only in an effort to clear the streets.

Citizens have until early May to appeal and suggest changes to the law.

The proposal would apply in the following areas: Nolo, Lazzaretto, Melzo, Isola, Sarpi, Via Cesariano, Arco della Pace, Como-GaeAulenti, Porta Garibaldi, Brera, Ticinese, and Darsena-Navigli.

However, this is not the first time Milan has tried to ban ice cream after midnight.

Back in 2013, the then mayor Giuliano Pisapia tried to implement similar measures but after a fierce backlash, including a reported ‘occupy gelato’ movement, he U-turned.

He was reported as having said after backtracking: “People can eat ice cream day and night, anywhere they like.”

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