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Roy Keane, challenged an Arsenal fan to meet him ‘outdoors’

Roy Keane, the former Manchester United star, allegedly told an Arsenal fan to “meet him outside” when their friendly banter escalated, according to court proceedings.

Scott Law, 43, denies assaulting Keane during Arsenal’s 3-1 Premier League triumph over Manchester United on September 3 of the previous year.

Keane, 52, a Sky Sports pundit, was reportedly headbutted by Law at the Emirates Stadium, causing him to stumble backwards through doors.

Law’s defense claims that CCTV footage from the stadium, shown at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, depicts Keane elbowing Law in the face.

Law stated in a statement to the police the day after the incident that there was playful banter between him and Keane throughout the match, which became more aggressive with Keane gesturing for him to meet outside.

During a game break, Law went to the restroom and was confronted by an angry-looking Keane in a very aggressive manner. Law claimed he moved his head forward in self-defense against Keane, fearing Keane’s previous violent behavior on the pitch.

In court, the Metropolitan Police officer handling the case suggested that while there may have been contact from Keane, it did not appear intentional.

When asked by defense barrister Charles Sherrard KC why Keane would raise his elbow so quickly to hold someone, Detective Constable Phil Dickinson responded that Keane was likely trying to grab hold of him. He added that while there may have been contact, it did not appear to be a deliberate elbow to the face.

Sherrard accused the officer of lying and claimed the police had done nothing to investigate evidence that could exonerate Law, who was seated beneath the Sky Sports studio during the match.

When asked how he prevented someone from getting away after an elbow to the face, Keane, the former midfielder, said he was carrying bags and tried to grab Law to prevent him from leaving, repeatedly calling for the police.

The defense alleges that Keane lost his temper after a VAR decision went against Manchester United towards the end of the match and he was taunted by home supporters.

In court, Sherrard told Keane, “You chose to confront him. When you saw him, you said: ‘Say it to my face you fat c***’.” Keane denied saying this while at work.

Footage of ex-Manchester City footballer and Keane’s colleague Micah Richards intervening to defuse an apparent confrontation was widely shared on social media after the match.

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