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Beano reveals top 10 jokes written by primary school children for Britain’s Funniest Class competition

The top ten jokes written by primary school children have been revealed – and some of the gags are no laughing matter.

Schools from all over the country were asked to submit entries for the Beano’s Britain’s Funniest Class competition – with the best joke set to feature in this week’s edition of the classic comic.

The Beano’s chief gag-makers whittled the entries down to their favourite 10 before the public voted for the winner.

Here we take a look at those that made the list… which are certainly worth a read, and possibly even a chuckle.

The Year 6 class at Northside Primary School in North Finchley, London, won the competition with this joke:

What’s the hottest area in the classroom?
The corner – because it’s 90 degrees.

One school referenced the classic Beano characters Dennis the Menace and his dog Gnasher with the following gag:

Why did Dennis eat his homework?
Because Gnasher was too busy.

Another made reference to longtime Beano character Calamity James with this joke:

What does Calamity James say when a large musical instrument falls on him?

Children from one school came up with a bizarre take on a classic of the genre:

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Chicken who?
Buck Buck Gawp!

Another school made reference to the Beano’s pint-sized prankster Harsha Chandra with the following gag:

What is Harsha’s favourite drink?
Hot Chuckle-at

One school took us back to the age of the dinosaurs:

When is a t-rex not a t-rex?
When it’s a coffee-rex

Beano favourite Smiffy is up to mischief in the next entry:

Why did Smiffy spill his fizzy drink on the floor?
Because the sign said ‘wet floor’

What did the business person say when they fell over?

This class of children must have been absolutely buzzing when they came up with this:

How did bees get to school?
They took the buuuuussssssss

The children from this school weren’t playing around:

Why did the hawk take the gaming console?
Because he was an angry bird

The joke from the Year 6 class at Northside Primary School’s emerged victorious with 42% of the overall vote.

The class and their teacher will appear in a Bash Street Kids comic strip by Beano artist Nigel Parkinson – with the gag itself also featuring.

It will be the first time that a whole class of real-life children will be immortalised in the pages of a Bash Street Kids story.

Mike Stirling, director of mischief at the Beano, said: “Britain’s Funniest Class is a celebration of the brilliant benefits of laughter at school, for pupils and teachers alike.

“Year Six, Northside Primary School found the funniest angle overall and are deservedly now immortalised in Beanotown, but every entry gave us a great laugh. It’s been our most popular Britain’s Funniest Class contest yet, so laughter’s getting louder in schools nationwide.”

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