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Google appears to add ‘audio emoji’ feature – including a fart button

Google Pixel phone users are noticing a new feature that allows them to fart, laugh and clap down the phone. The “audio emojis” are getting a mixed reaction.

Google appears to be rolling out “audio emojis” to its phone users.

Some Google Pixel phone owners are noticing an option to send a reaction while on a call.

“I was on the phone and saw a new button come up… “Audio Emoji”??? I had to call my brother to test it out!” said one X user.

An accompanying video shows the feature in action. The “audio emoji” option swipes up to reveal six familiar emojis: laughing, clapping, celebrating, a drum, crying and… the poo emoji.

When a user taps the emojis, they play a corresponding sound down the phone.

Some of the matching sounds are obvious – clapping is clapping, laughing is laughing, the drum makes a ‘badum tish’ sound. And, somewhat inevitably, the poo emoji makes a fart noise.

The update, which appears to just be being tested as it isn’t rolled out to all users, has been met with mixed reactions.

“Did anyone ask for this? No. Am I still gonna use it? Yes,” said one Reddit user. Others were less entertained.

“If you ask me, they should focus on improving things,” one person posted on X.

“Imagine you are calling your friend after getting fired and talking to him about the stress you are going through, and suddenly, your friend starts playing weird audio emoji sounds,” another posted on Reddit.

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