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ClimateCast: Climate in the classroom

Climate change will inevitably big a huge part of our children’s future, so how do we teach them about it, while still protecting their innocence?

On this week’s episode of Sky News ClimateCast, host Sarah Hewson has a helping hand from her children, who share their perspectives of the climate crisis.

She’s joined by our science and technology editor Tom Clarke, also a dad-of-three, as they discuss how they handle climate conversations over the dinner table.

Plus, the activist who heads up “Teach the Future,” Scarlett Westbrook tells us how she’s on her way to changing the school education system to have climate change embedded into the curriculum.

Matthew Shribman, a scientist and headteacher at AimHi, tells us how we can make climate change knowledge accessible and engaging for everybody, and empower future generations with the tools they need to face the climate crisis.

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